History and development of "Fasada"

Although "Fasada" exists under this name for more than 13 years, it's beginnings date back to the first half of the past century. It all began like a workshop for manufacture of millstone, while today "Fasada" is an unavoidable partner in the final construction work.

  • 1932. brothers Dobrosav and Tihomir Topalovic founded a workshop "KVARC" in Trstenik for manufacture of millstone.
  • 1945. after the war had ended, company "KVARC" from Trstenik moved to Osijek, where, at that time, the conditions for private manufacturers were much better.
  • 1947. Dobrosav Topalovic, one of the founders of "KVARC", founds a new company, "SILEX", which soon after it was founded becomes known throughout the former Yugoslavia. Production program consisted of millstone and ground stone complemented by production of decorative plaster for final constructions of facades, which are applied by spraying, and are produced today under the name HIROFA. HIROFA was at that time, a very popular material, so it decorated a lot of facades in various colors.
  • 1985.-1990. the company expands it's production program with products known today under the names DULIT and DULIT "G".
  • 1991. because of the events that followed the disintegration of Yugoslavia, the company stops working.
  • 1992. Dusan Topalovic i Milos Pralica continue the tradition and found the company "Fasada" in Simanovci.
  • 1993. the company moves to Stara Pazova, where it soon develops into one of the most important manufacturers in this region.

"Fasada" continues to develop and adapt new technologies and standards, which modern construction imposes. With it's high and constant quality, it deserved the trust of the biggest construction companies with who they work with for a long number of years. We develop a healthy relationship with our business partners, meeting all their requirements.